The Mountain Leader scheme is designed for those who want to introduce and lead people in the mountains, hills and upland areas of the UK and Ireland. The scheme was established in the 1960s and today Mountain Leaders operate the length and breadth of the country.
Adventure Unlimited has offered Mountain Leader training and assessment courses on behalf of Mountain Training for over twenty years. Our course directors and staff are some of the most experienced trainers in the business with vast experience of providing fun, educational courses throughout the UK mountains.
Mountain Leader Training
Mountain Leader Training courses last for six days and are split across three weekends. The first weekend runs in the Peak District, the second in the Lake District and the final weekend runs in Snowdonia. We believe that offering these courses in different UK mountain areas is a great advantage providing a highly varied backdrop to the training.
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Price £400
5-6 Mar (Peak District), 19-20 Mar (Lake District), 2-3 Apr (Snowdonia) 2022 <fully booked>
Mountain Leader Assessment
Mountain Leader Assessment courses are five days long and ours are split across two weekends (the second one a long weekend - normally Fri to Sun). The first part of the course is based in the High Peak and the second part of the course is in the Lake District.
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Price £400
30 Apr-1 May (Peak District), 13-15 May (Lake District) 2022 <fully booked>
A few things that clients have said about our courses:
"Thanks so much for an amazing weekend, I've loved the course"
"Jules, Many thanks to you and Phil for a fab weekend. Very keen to practice and am already making plans and enlisting 'volunteers'"
"I just wanted to thank you so much again for the Mountain Leader course. I really enjoyed it, found it extremely informative and it has definitely inspired me to plan more mountain adventures!"
"Thanks again for a fantastic course, loved every minute and it has only reinforced my desire to become a ML...Thanks again to you and Phil, I would not have any hesitation in recommending you/the course to budding MLs."

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